Looking for a yoga class in the half term break?


Remember that the class at the Marriott Gosforth Park is on this Morning (Wednesday 27th May) at 11am.  My parents move house this morning so perhaps the theme of today’s class will be “My home is within me.”

The Marriott class is in a Squash Court not the picturesque Minsteracres as here.  But don’t let that put you off however it means we can use the walls!  And there is wall space for everyone.  If its beautiful and people want to we can always go outside.

You can come as a non member and just pay at the desk.

I had 6 people book on the October retreat at Minsteracres for yesterday.  So if you are thinking of coming along too, get in touch soon so you are not disappointed.  Ive still got a few spaces.

Thinking of starting a yoga class?

IMG_1060Let me welcome you!!!

Are you thinking of coming to my yoga? I have spaces for people to join our classes on Wednesday 7.30-9pm Thursday 2.30-3.30pm At Gateshead Old Town Hall. Its a wonderful class and lovely people.  Come and along or get in touch to ask more.IMG_1408

How to cope with the stress of exams?

EEKK – here comes the exam season….

It is very easy to loose our perspective when we are studying for exams that are important to us and they often take place at this time of year.  Here are my tips for staying cool and peaceful even in exam time …

1- Everyday try to build in a break that involves using your body.  A walk, a yoga class, a little run if you are short of time or a game of badminton or squash just to let the tension out of your body or something totally different for your mind.

2- Try to project yourself forward to your 80 year old self (you may be your 80 year old self) and give yourself the loving kindness and positive self talk you would offer.  Really talk kindly to yourself when you are studying.  Be positive and be gentle.  If things go wrong reframe them.  Life is fluid and we can only do what we can do and we all make mistakes. Really most mistakes can just be rectified. So try to keep your softness around the edges and your sense of humour.

3 – Do 15 mins of yoga or meditation for yourself everyday and keep a short practice diary. Treat it as a real break.  A time when you let go of any burdens you are carrying in your body and breathe.  Relax your shoulders, your jaw and let the tension go.  Connect yourself to that part of you that is timeless and beyond the present moment of the exam.  Like a film at the cinema come back to the empty white screen of yourself,  without the life’s drama’s playing.  Phew a bit of peace for a while…

Moments playing outside can really help.

I do teach private yoga classes for coping with exam stress.  Do get in touch if you want one in your own study space.  It can really help cope with the pressures.

Let me know what helps you cope with exams ?  IMG_0111

Yoga is not about touching your toes ……

I enjoyed reading this from yoga teacher Judith Hanson Lasater and think it is a good way to launch us back into our yoga which starts again this week.  Are you feeling a little rusty??? Have you practiced??

AND Are you ready for some lovely spring inspired yoga.

Wednesday 7.30-9pm Gateshead Old Town Hall

Thursday 2.30-3.30pm Gateshead Old Town Hall

Yoga is not about touching your toes, its about what you learn on the way down.

We tend to forget that asana is a process of self-discovery, not a bunch of exercises.  When you practice, do every pose to only two-thirds of your ability.  Focus on the experience, not the goal.

I look forward to seeing you this evening or tomorrow for our shared yoga practice at Gateshead Old Town Hall.  Its going to be deeply relaxing and nourishing and a chance to ease out your body again after the Easter break.

Join me for a cuppa and catch up in the Goth cafe Somethings Brewing before from 7pm tonight and 2pm tomorrow if you like. 

Email and let me know you are coming please.

Love and NamesteIMG_1362


Yoga class today

If you are wanting to move your body and ease your mind then I am teaching my yoga class today this morning at the Marriott Gosforth Park at 11am.  Non members are welcome just £3.50.

Come along if you want the peace and relaxation your body and mind crave to be able to feel fresh and revived.  We will then practice some tension releasing yoga to free up the hips and lower back, making you feel more grounded and connected and finish the class with a beautiful heart opening meditation. 

Classes start again after the Easter break at Gateshead Old Town Hall

Wednesdays  7.30-9pm starts April 22nd

Thursdays 2.30-3.30pm starts April 23rd

£69 for a block of 10 classes (£49 concession)


Yoga classes with Samantha – new blocks starts April 22nd and 23rd at Gateshead Old Town Hall

Wednesday 22nd 7.30-9pm starts APRIL 22ND

Thursdays 23rd 2.30-3.30pm STARTS APRIL 23RD

£69 FOR 10 (£49 CONCESSION) £9 drop-in

Please join us!

Yoga classes with Samantha work gently to build your strength and increase your mobility, encouraging ease, reducing pain and helping you learn to switch off.  

I am an experienced teacher and I ensure my yoga is for anyone, any age, who wants to strengthen their body and relax their mind. My yoga classes apply modern therapeutic techniques to the ancient wisdom of Hatha Yoga. We start and end with relaxation and breathing, sometimes quite meditatively. During the class the golden rule is No Pain; if something hurts, it’s a sign to ease off, don’t strive, just breathe.

Gradually we mobilise, juice and warm up our joints, awaken our bodies, and use a sequence of standing and seated postures to develop core strength and flexibility that will help us in our every day functional lives. Throughout, we are learning to listen to what our own bodies need, to accept and be kind to ourselves. I hope you leave my classes in a relaxed, blissful and invigorated state.102-0208_img

Is joining a Yoga Class just a bit too frightening for you? How about a really gentle introduction….

Try a private class as a treat or a gentle and personal introduction.  They cost £40 and fit into your schedule, at work or at home.

When walking my dog after teaching yoga at the Marriott Gosforth Park a few weeks ago I met a lady with an equally playful pooch. Another young labrador called Xeno. As we got chatting, Xeno’s owner Bernie told me how she had been recommended to try regular exercise to build strength on her core and maintain joint health.  She had always thought yoga was about turning into a pretzel and didn’t think she could attend a class because she doesn’t have very much knee flexion after a long term injury.

She gave yoga a go with me and we have done a couple of private lessons and now she is a yoga convert.  This is what she has to say about private yoga classes with me.

“Following unsuccessful knee surgery, I now have only 65 degree bend in my right knee which causes many compensating problems.  My physio suggested something that strengthened my core would be very beneficial.  I had discounted yoga because I thought it was all about weird poses which I knew I could not do.  Samantha suggested a private yoga class for her to judge the modifications I would have to make to a normal yoga routine and for me to see that yoga wasn’t all about weird poses.  After 2 private sessions, I am ready to join a class and love doing my yoga routine.”

  IMG_1104 Next classes:

Wednesday Marriot Hotel Gosforth Park 11am – 12pm

Gateshead Old Town Hall Wednesdays 7.30- 9pm (starts April 22nd)

Thursdays 2.30- 3.30pm (starts April 23rd)

Just Email to book your place