Yoga Classes from my Garden at 2pm and 7pm on Wednesdays on zoom

Sizzling summer yoga classes specials. I usually take a break in the summer but this weird year I am rolling with the changes. Some easily and some reluctantly.

I teach every Wednesday live at 2pm and 7pm on zoom. Usually from my studio.

Today I am going to be brave and face the Newcastle weather and teach you from my garden. So do please join me.

Yoga today anyone !! Here are the reminder of the links for my online live yoga classes 2pm and 7pm  Wednesdays …. Any one new – get in touch to register – drop me an email to book your place. You need to complete the online health form and tell me more about you so i can tailor the yoga for you. Please tell friends and family. .

I have a lovely class planned for you to sooth and designed to make you feel better.
Also hopefully we will be starting back live at St Mary’s in September – please book your places !

Anybody new want to join in? 
To join my live zoom online yoga on Wednesdays 2pm and 7pm, click on the links 5 minutes before: 
For the 2pm class:
Meeting ID: 871 3557 5506Password: 402588

For the 7pm classTopic: Samantha Coe’s Online Yoga Class 7pm
Meeting ID: 812 7304 8084Password: 188909

Classes are £9 please – don’t be put off by money – I’m happy to barter if your work has dried and you need your yoga.

NB there are 4 spots in the garden for anyone that wants to be here in person – first come first served. Access at side of house and use your own kit.

Live Online Yoga – Warm Group Tailored to you ….

Here are the links for my online live yoga classes 2pm and 7pm  Wednesdays ….

Yoga at St Mary’s Heritage Centre

In times like these we need our yoga community and class  … I have lovely classes planned for you, to sooth and designed to make you feel better.

And we are planning to be back live at St Mary’s in September – please book your places !

Anybody new want to join in? Online or in September
To join my live zoom online yoga on Wednesdays 2pm and 7pm, click on the links 5 minutes before: 
For the 2pm class:
Meeting ID: 871 3557 5506Password: 402588
For the 7pm classTopic: Samantha Coe’s Online Yoga Class 7pm
Meeting ID: 812 7304 8084Password: 188909

Payment Details

£9 (however don’t let money put you off – especially when you are in need of your yoga – also barter is good too)

Email to book your place or ask me questions –

Live yoga classes on zoom on Wednesdays 2pm and 7pm

Live classes on Wednesdays Yoga with me Samantha Coe 2pm and 7pm ….. you will feel like a new person afterwards! 

I offer a practice for you today that is great for when you are feeling a bit tired and need more energy or when you need to TLC.  A practice to make you feel divine afterwards.  So good … We will start lying down and invite energy and space in to our bodies, we will mobilise and ignite our inner fire and slowly make our way to fun standing poses and work with the energy and space we have created.  So far I have had a request for deep hamstring stretches too – any other requests and I will add it in.

A lovely treat of a thing to share together.  Do join us and catch up with old friends too.  If you haven’t come along as yet and want a hand with the tech please just ask and I will help you. We can always have a telephone chat to get you started. Don’t wait until we start back again – you will need your yoga now!

Yoga really helps us to feel good through all and shifts us into a good state. If you would prefer a private class – do get in touch and we will set that up.  

A selection of some of the comments from students after these new online classes:
“Thank you for the class last night. It worked like a dream. I really enjoyed it.  It was really uplifting and made my week to see your lovely face and the other yogis, Can’t wait for next Wednesday.”
“Thank you for the class on Wednesday.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  it was so good to be doing something familiar and healthy and fun.”

Warmest wishes to you and see you today I hope. Get in touch if you want to come along.

Live Tailored yoga classes online at 2pm and 7pm on Wednesdays and Private online designed for you yoga – anytime that suits

You are most welcome to join me and my yoga group on Wednesdays at 2pm or 7pm 

These lovely welcoming classes, tailored to individual needs and designed to give you a big boost on many levels.  Relaxing, strengthening and easing your tension.  My classes help you feel connected to other lovely friendly people and bring you back to balance with yourself and help you to find a bit of joy in our current unusual times.  Musician Matthew Coe plays live original relaxing piano music for us to relax to at the end too.  What’s not to like, its a special gentle, nurturing time of joy and friendship and yoga.  Learn pranayama techniques for calming and breathing well, learn postures for strength and releasing tension and give yourself a wonderful nights sleep to boot.

My online live classes on zoom are 2pm and 7pm on Wednesdays.

Email me to register and get the links

My group classes are £9 or £80 for 10 (I barter if you prefer as you may not be earning at moment)

I also teach yoga for groups, organisations and individuals.  I am a qualified executive coach and management consultant and am most happy to tailor any courses to your needs.  Just get in touch and ask. I am happy to deliver a tailored weekly yoga class for your team – a great way to keep you connected with remote working.

I have a few one to one spaces left if anyone wants to be taught by me privately live.



Introducing My Blissful and Joyous Yoga Retreat Day for Current Times … 25th April 2020 – book now – places limited

Introducing My Blissful and Joyous Yoga Retreat Day for Current Times …

Treat yourself to a relaxed nervous system and healthy body and some special friendship and shared times …… even with our current constraints ……

When:            Saturday 25th April

Where:          Your own home! with 4 yoga teachers live…

Timing:          8am – 9pm

Teachers:     I have selected a fun, up beat team of Yoga Teachers that I adore to work with and know you will too

 Cost options:              £125 per person with your personal private tailored yoga class follow-up                                              Or

                           £85 without the private class (discounts given for whole household participation!)

And so I offer you a remote variation of my usual retreat.

I will explain how it works and I will help you with any tech needed etc.

On Saturday 25th of April we do every part of our retreat that we can replicate live together as a shared and connected community from our own homes – you can help sculpt this too so we meet your hopes and needs – so I have so far I have got this format. 

Your retreat day can include a one to one online yoga class with yours truly at a time of your choice as a follow-up to help your own personal practice (worth £40 and anyone can book one anytime and it can be recorded so you can do it again!) 

Timetable for the Retreat Day

8.00 Morning Yoga and Welcome – Teacher Samantha Coe

9.00 Breakfast– you have your breakfast on your own (peaceful option) or at Sam’s virtual yoga garden café – chatty version !!!!

10.00 Morning Spring Yoga Session – Teacher Noel Sharpe

12.00 Pre Lunch Outdoor Meditation 

12.30 Lunch and dinner – designed and recipes sent by chef and ‘good for you’ foodie magician Catherine Hudson (we will send you Cat’s recipes by video on Whatapps for Breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can cook them in advance if you would like for your house)

2pm Treatment slot – Creative self massage – “think Bare Bear necessities” tune here !!!

3pm Personal planning time, rest time, walk time and/or  creative craft – leader and coach Samantha Coe

 4pm Afternoon yoga – Teacher Stephen Fry – Yoga relaxation, Nidra and peaceful rest session

 6.30 pm Supper

 7.30 Party time – requests taken –– yoga dancing maybe, laughter yoga, prancercise !!! maybe, all ideas considered here.

 8pm Live music from singer songwriter Matthew Coe

 8.30 pm Good night – Tuck into Bed Meditation 

Plus – At a time of your choice after or before the retreat as you need a  One to One private on line yoga session with Samantha Coe to “pot on” the seeds you have sown at our day together.

Who is in? Let me know if you want to book a place for you and or your household.  WE so look forward to sharing the day with you.

Om Shanti


 PS I am now teaching online live yoga sessions on zoom every Wednesdays at 2pm and 7pm.  It works really well and I can tuck you into bed at the end virtually! Feedback was great from last weeks classes. Please let me know if you want to join in those and I will email you the information.  This week I taught classes of 16 people, 3 dogs and 4 cats from local to Chicago and Norway and France. 


Front Room Yoga Pay It Forward

Such a treat to see so many of you at my new online live “From Room Yoga Class”  on Wednesdays 2pm and 7pm.  A big shout out to everyone that came including the cats and teenagers.

I am Sam

Sam I am

I do not like that pesky zoom

I do not want to teach you in a room

without a floor as hot and vast

As the Heritage centre was last

But I can now teach anywhere

I can teach you on your mat

I can teach you with your cat

I can teach you with a teen

I can mute you, if you are mean

So here I am  – Sam I am

I can teach you ANYWHERE!

And I will teach you here and there

Even sitting on a chair

I do so like

that pesky zoom

I can now teach you in anyroom!

Would you, could join us on

Wednesdays at 2pm and 7pm or at a time of your choice for online private classes.

I am now teaching private yoga classes and weekly classes live online on Wednesdays at 2pm and 7pm on zoom.  If you email me I will send you all the details of how to join in.


We started a Pay it Forward scheme from the money raised from the Wednesday group lessons.

So far I am delighted to say I can offer 5 on line music lessons for you. Anyone want one?

Its such a special life experience to have a music lesson.  So if anybody out there would like a live private music lesson as a boost to help you keep developing through this time please apply and say why and its yours.  Equally if you are a great music teacher and you have capacity please apply.  Maybe if you are a music teacher you can even nominate a student who can’t afford their lesson at the moment.


Also announcing my on line yoga retreat day… 4 yoga sessions with 4 different yoga teachers and a sweet community – message me to ask more …






WE are Back On Line as Front Room Yoga with Samantha Coe!!!! Yay

Classes on Wednesday 2pm and 7pm venue your own home.

Join me for an uplifting and fun class and see the friends you are missing out on. Wednesday 2pm has an optional chat after !!!

want in? email me for your link and sign up instructions.

Can’t wait to “see” you !!!!!!

Any questions just holler ….

Gentle feel better yoga is what i have planned for you.  I send full instructions.

This class is a Pay as you feel and we pay it forward to local musicians and creatives who have lost all their work.  So whatever you want to pay is fine (£9 is a suggestion per class) but no loss of face if not or more.

I then pay for a lesson with a musician or creative and you can apply for a on line music or art etc lesson for a boost.   So far we have piano lessons, violin, brass including trombone etc

Wish me luck – I’m married to an anaesthetist – onwards we go !!!!





Face to Face Yoga Temporarily Closed – Searching for Creative Alternatives

Dear Yoga Friends

I am writing to let you know that I have taken the sad decision to cancel our yoga classes tomorrow Wednesday 18th March and also on Wednesday March 25th, which takes us to the Easter Break.  I know this is a time when our shared yoga practice together would have fortified us and you will have been looking forward to tomorrow. Sorry. 
This cancellation of my classes includes:
the 11am class at the Grand Hotel, Gosforth Park,
the 2pm and 6.45pm classes at the beautiful St Mary’s, Gateshead Quays
and also all classes at the Maggies Centre. So sorry.
Semibreve yoga workshop will be postponed until advice is to go ahead. 
Any remainder credit of the last 2 classes of this block can come off next term blocks so we can resume as we left off. 
My aim is to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone of course and while I am cancelling classes, I will find ways to be creative and stay open in other mediums and ways of connecting. Suggestions please gratefully received!!!! I am certainly offering: Teaching private video or facetime lessons, kickstart your home practice sessions  etc – do get in touch if you want one.  I hope to draw on my deep experience to offer calm, strengthening and gentle structure for us as we go forward.
I actively encourage you to get your mat out at home. Do Do Do …. your yoga practice and off the mat helping those around us and being kind.
The Wednesday afternoon class have a whatsapp group to support each other already established and we can, if you wish, start a similar whatsapps group for the evening class if there is interest – please get in touch if you want to join, your fellow like minded people and connect that way. 
Let’s see if we can perhaps find creative inspiration for new ways of working and connecting with each other and supporting each other.
Thank you for your continued support for my yoga and for all the kind words you have given me, this is inspiring and means the world to me and I look forward to welcoming you back to face-to-face yoga as soon as possible.  Do stay in touch and send me your suggestions too.
Lets please practice some yoga every day – 5 minutes each day makes a difference and adds up and will transform how we feel about the things we can’t control.  Try linking and anchoring your yoga to something you do every day already, an established habit – make your yoga a routine at a given time of day – like cleaning your teeth. Experts say stick to daily rituals….. I’ll be teaching the dog to do down ….
Sending you gentle wishes and thinking of you and our shared yoga wistfully.  Thank you all. 
Om Shanti – peace peace peace.   

New Half Term Reminder February and March 2020

Yoga Class Reminders:

Hatha Yoga Classes Gateshead

St Mary’s Heritage Centre, Gateshead Quays – beautiful architecture and heated floor 

Wednesday 2pm – 3.15pm (tea after)

Wednesday 6.45pm – 8.15pm

no previous yoga experience required

£9.50 drop in £45 for 5 classes

Grand Hotel Gosforth Park  

Wednesday 11am – 12 midday

Yoga at Maggie’s Centre, Freeman Tuesdays 12.30 -1.30

Looking forward to seeing you there, see you on the mat.

Om shanti




Weekly yoga Classes Wednesdays at 2pm and 6.45pm at St Mary’s Heritage Centre starting from January 15th – come and feel relaxed and invigorated.

Time to book your place for the New Year 2020…

On Wednesdays at 2pm and 6.45pm I have 2 yoga classes at the stunningly peaceful and beautiful St Mary’s Heritage Centre on Gateshead Quayside right next to the Sage and the Tyne Bridge.  I have taught here for 3 years and the venue is beautiful and inspiring and even has a heated floor.

Do get in touch with me if you would like to come along.  I believe yoga is for everyone. The classes are suitable for yoga pros and beginners alike. Yoga can help see you though many of life’s challenges.  Yoga can help people reduce stress, build strength and mobility in their body and improve flexibility and functional fitness.

When: Wednesdays:

2pm – 3.15pm


6.45pm – 8.15pm

St Mary’s Heritage Centre, Oakwellgate, NE8 2AU

£85 for 10 classes January 15th until 25th of  March 2020 (half term no class on February 19th.)

Email me to ask questions and to book your place.