Dear Yogis

4 things to share:

1. We are having a yoga night out for all retreat people and yoga class folk that can make it.  We are taking over the Wheatberry HQ in Gosforth for a meal at Moor Court on Grandstand Road.  We have a menu designed for us by Vicky and its £17 a head for 2 courses.   Its 7.30 on Wednesday 9th.  Would be lovely if you can come.  The menu is on my facebook page and details on my website – links below.  Any questions just ask.  Let me know if you want to book. It will be intimate numbers of max 22.

2. Are you coming on the March Retreat 11th -13th at Minsteracres? Some of you have already booked. If you want to know more please ask email or phone. There is an earlybird discount too and it is always a magical experience. Am I right folks that have been? Some photos on my website.

3. Course sign up for January at Gateshead Old Town Hall

Wednesday January 13th January for 10 weeks (week 6 half term break)

Thursday January 14th for 10 weeks £69 (£49 concession) 

To book email and I will send you my bank details or address if you prefer to pay by cheque.  Book early as places limited.

4. New Year Yoga Workshop

Wednesday 30th December  2pm -4 pm

Price £15 

Time to breath and refocus.  Email to book your place.

Om Shanti


Minsteracres spring retreat 2013

Yoga at spring retreat 2013 in Minsteracres

Yoga Festive Gathering

Time to be sociable and have a night out. We are taking over the Wheatberry HQ in Gosforth for our Christmas gathering at 7.30pm on Wedesday 9th of December.

Vicky of Wheatberry has put together a wonderful festive menu for us.  It is £17 a head for 2 courses, BYOB and those with room can buy the delicious sounding pud of Rich Chocolate cake with barberries, pistachio and rose petals.

Let me know if you want to join us at the Wheatberry HQ at Moor Court Annexe, Westfield, Gosforth, NE2 4YD. Take a look at my samanthacoeyoga facebook page for the full menu.  Let me know if you want to come.

Samantha is teaching a yoga workshop at North East Vegan Festival – Sunday 15th November Stadium of Light


Planning on coming to the North East Vegan Festival? Join me at 2.30 on the 2nd floor to see how yoga fits with the vegan way of life.

Like veganism, Yoga is a way of living that is about being kind to yourself and the world around you.

This half an hour yoga taster class is the perfect opportunity to explore and experience the practice of yoga.  

Is Yoga for me?

Yoga is for everyone! If you can breathe, honestly you can do it.  

My session at NEV is suitable for experts and beginners alike.  

If you already practice, come and join us. Or if you have always wanted to try yoga, this is your moment.

We will explore 3 techniques, which will help you to:

  • Breathe better
  • Ease out stiffness in your body
  • Look after your spine
  • Focus your mind, shift your mood and boost your energy

Yoga can be anything you need it to be…

Unlike many sports and leisure activities you need very little equipment. 

Yoga is also suitable for all levels of fitness. It is ideal if you have had a break from exercise or have experienced health issues. Let Yoga build your strength, calm your mind and ease your aches and pains. 

I hope to see you at NEV, do pop in and say hello. I’d love to meet you. 



A little about Samantha: 

Samantha teaches yoga in Newcastle and Gateshead and runs regular retreats.  She can also work with you one to one in private lessons to help you tailor a programme for home practice. 

For more information on Samantha’s classes, teaching style and to join her retreats please see:


Facebook page

Twitter @coeyoga1

The Magic Ten – a reminder to help you practice at home


Here is a reminder of the grounding Autumnal practice we did this week in class.  Great to see everyone at yoga this week.  I promised to give a summary to help you practice at home.  This week in our yoga classes we looked at taking care of your wrists by freeing tension in the upper back, watching how you use your hands and take weight on them. No sleeping thumbs. We did many wrist freeing exercises and the champagne exercise (thanks to Clayton Horton).

We did a lovely practice , a variation of The Magic 10 and held each pose for a little longer to gain a more grounding approach.  Perhaps working up to 10 breaths in each pose if it suits you.  Here is a summary of them to trigger your memory:

  1. Downdog
  2. Uttanasana with support
  3. Squat or apanasana to free lower back
  4. Seated twist 1
  5. Seated twist 2
  6. Table
  7. Handstand variations or supine twists
  8. Shoulder release forward bend with a belt
  9. Palm tree sway
  10. Standing back roll and release

Yoga in Gateshead – back after half term break

Delighted to say that Yoga Classes start back after the half term holiday today at Gateshead Old Town Hall.

Classes are:

7.30- 9pm Wednesdays

2.30- 3.30 Thursdays

Suitable for beginners and experts alike.  There is plenty of room for new starters on Thursday afternoon.  Get in touch if you want to join in or come along and meet me.

The focus of the class this week is supporting our poor wrists.  Increasingly, we get tension in our mid back and shoulders and this transfers into the wrists as well as the jaw. The class today will be  teaching how to give care and strength to the wrists and a wonderful sequence of postures you can try at home to strengthen your body and increase your flexibility.  Try this magic sequence in the mornings and its makes a wonderful calm grounding start to the day.

Give yourself peace. What do the class participants say ….

“A great balance of relaxation and postures with lovely people. Samantha is very experienced and gives individual attention.  She is always open to suggestions and offers people different alternatives so everyone gets the benefits and can leave feeling good about themselves . The venue itself is relaxing and calming” Jennifer


The venue is easy to find.  Please note it is the  OLD town Hall not the new one.  The one run by Sage Gateshead. Just over the Tyne bridge and turn right before Tesco.  You can take metro or park for free in Tescos during the day or outside on Wednesday evenings.


Thank you everyone we had a wonderful Yoga Retreat – Anyone for March?

What a special time we had on our retreat in October.  A massive thank you to everyone who came along and to the team who worked on it with me.  Noel Sharpe, Stephen Fry, Rose Romani, Maria Rodriques-Hancock, Julie Noble, Kate Brookes.

Here are a few snaps of our time together. Please send me any pictures you have too.  I am always too busy living in the moment to take lots of photos!

If you are wanting to come along to the next retreat  – this will be March 11th-13th 2016.  There is an early bird discount on bookings before the end of November.

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Is Balance a static state of Peace – well no!


Last weekend I went to Leeds to do workshops with Ester Ekhart.  She was  over from the Netherlands. She runs a fantastic website, if you can’t get to a workshop. I stayed with Fran thank you and met the Yoga Space community.  I am running a Celebrating Autumn retreat this weekend and found this article from Ester that I am going to use on the retreat.

You know sometimes when your get that judging voice in your head. You may well know its rubbish, this article provides a great way to think about it all using a non judgemental explanation of the interplay of the 3 Gunas.  So we don’t have to be good at yoga or meditation  or even at life.  Hope this helps you support yourself through shifting states.

What can we learn about balance from Yoga Philosophy? Esther Ekhart explains about the interplay of the three Gunas.

The Three Gunas

The ancient teachings of yoga, like the Samkhya Philosophy and also the Bhagavad Gita, talk about three essential aspects of nature. These are called the Gunas.

Gunas in Sanskrit means a strand or a rope. All of creation (Prakriti or universal nature) is made up of these three qualities called :

1 Tamas

Tamas which manifests as darkness, inertia, lethargy, dullness, illusion, heaviness. Tamas can be seen as the past, your lot in life, the given.

2 Rajas

Rajas which manifests as the energy of passion, emotion, desire, activity, sorrow. Rajas can be seen as the future, desire, externalization.

3 Sattva

Sattva which is associated with the principles of harmony, knowledge, happiness and goodness. Sattva is the present, awakening, the process of consciousness unfolding. It transcends tension between the two above and it is the desirable quality of the three.

All levels of manifestation

According to the ancient teachings, everything, on all levels of manifestation is made up of different combinations of these three strands or qualities. They underlie matter, life and mind.

Every experience we have is composed of the three gunas in different proportions. These three qualities are in a constantly changing relationship with each other.

Dominant Gunas

When one of the gunas is dominant, this is what happens:

When we feel mostly sattvic we feel clear, calm and harmonious
A rajasic state means you feel passionate, hyper active, the mind keeps going, not being able to stop.

When we feel tamasic we can’t get out of bed, feeling unmotivated, dragging ourselves through the day.

We need all three qualities in our life. Tamas makes us stop and rest, we need rajas to get us going in the morning, we need sattva to understand and get clarity and wisdom.

The Full Circle

Now here is an example of how the three gunas act on each other with regards to how we feel and our moods.

Say we have a sattvic mood, we are content with life as it unfolds, being present. This may last for a while, but then it tends to becomes over ripe and the contentment turns into becoming a bit lazy and you take it for granted. This then has turned into a tamasic mood, and turns into you being unmotivated and heavy. The rajas mood will then in turn break up the tamasic state. You will get sick of your heaviness and start doing something to get going, through ambition and passion. But then of course its excess – hyperactivity, anxiety lie around the corner. The state of chaos that rajas will get you into will make you stop and contemplate and we come back into the sattvic state of understanding and clarity.

This will keep repeating itself through life, it is just the three gunas acting on each other, the nature of life.

Finding Balance with the Wisdom of the Gunas

If we don’t know that this is just what happens we can get very attached to the different states, believing that the sattvic state is where we are supposed to be all the time, or at least doing what you need to do to get there. But this is already rajas kicking in, so it will never work!

The practice of yoga is not to make you sattvic – because you now know, tamas will naturally follow, so you will be disappointed!  What you want, is to be OK with it all! That is balance.

When we are not attached to a sattvic state, or for example to a good meditation, this will transform it into sattvic state. When the mind creates an ideal, you will become rajasic etc…

Really it is humorous. Mystical experiences occur when we clearly see all experience is the three gunas acting on the three gunas… we don’t identify when we are sattvic. Then when we move into a tamasic state, we observe it as the natural pattern of change, and then when passions arise, bringing ideas to stir things up, again it is just the gunas acting on the gunas.

It is about appreciating the process of life as it unfolds. If we don’t understand we become attached, obsessed and ultimately disappointed.


Yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar writes that stability is something we can practice and, ultimately, master. The path to cultivating that stability is through balance, which he defines as being present in the here and now.

Being present in the here and now transcends needing to be in a particular state or mood to make that happen. You can be present feeling tamasic, rajasic and sattvic!

Knowing all these states will follow each other will make it easier to step back and enjoy seeing life unfolding itself and do its thing.

So observe and be present rather than getting caught up believing you need to be a certain way.

I hope this brings some perspective to the search for balance / happiness