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    • Dear Andrea
      Thank you for asking. I have space for you at the Thursday afternoon class 2.30 – 3.30. Now is a great time come long as this week is the first week back after half term.

      Hope to see you this week.

  2. Hello,

    I would like to join your Yoga classes @ Gateshead. Do you have any availability for me to join? When the next dates for your block classes?

    Kind regards

  3. Hi Samantha

    Is yoga on this week the 30th of MArch or is it not back on until the end of April. I can’t remember what you said at the last week at Gateshead town hall


    • Hello welcome Amy its £9 drop in if I have room – however I much prefer people to book a block so I can plan for people’s needs. The next block at St Mary’s starts on Wednesday May 1st and runs for 9 weeks (no class 29th May half term) and is £67.50. Any other questions just ask.

    • Hello – thank you for asking. Can you make my Wednesday classes at 2pm or 6.45pm? Not on a Monday or Friday at the moment. I do have a suitable workshop on February 2nd. Might you like to come? I could teach you privately. Would that suit you? Or to make this cheaper you could get a small group of friends or colleagues together and we could do a private class – weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly. Also my yoga and lying down concerts are suitable for beginners and they happen on different days and times. New list for 2020 is about to be published soon. Email me samanthacoe@me.com and we can follow up

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