Private Yoga

I teach a number of people individually to fit in with their own life schedule.

Yoga as individual as you are!

This works well when you want to refine alignment, when you are recovering from ops or injury, when you are very busy or traveling a lot.  Or if you feel nervous about starting a larger established class – I can welcome you in with a one to one class so you know what to expect and how to tailor the yoga for your own body.

A session costs £40 and it can be arranged at a time of your convenience.


This is what my yoga students say about their private yoga classes:

“I started yoga recently with Sam and I have been genuinely surprised by the experience and the effect.  The combination of breathing and movement has meant I have been able to stretch out without any pain despite long term lower back discomfort.

I have felt more relaxed, more flexible and much more positive about exercise.  Sam herself is very reassuring and knowledgable and her approach is very personally attuned and therefore accessible.  Most importantly, yoga with Sam has been effective and achievable; Sam’s private sessions mean that its possible to fit around work and family life in an enjoyable way.”

Vickie Provo Psychotherapist (UKCP reg.)

“Following unsuccessful knee surgery, I now have only 65 degree bend in my right knee which causes many compensating problems.  My physio suggested something that strengthened my core would be very beneficial.  I had discounted yoga because I thought it was all about weird poses which I knew I could not do.  Samantha suggested a private yoga class for her to judge the modifications I would have to make to a normal yoga routine and for me to see that yoga wasn’t all about weird poses.  After 2 private sessions, I am ready to join a class and love doing my yoga routine.” Bernie

“I have always enjoyed yoga but have a range of chronic illnesses and injuries that mean I’ve taken a long break from practising. To give you an idea of my level of fitness, at one stage I was not able to walk and was pretty much in bed for two years.

Downwards facing Cat & Jem

As part of my recovery plan, worked out with Rachel at the Shield Clinic, I decided to try to rediscover yoga in a way my body would accept. I’m now in my late 30s and the idea of pitching up to a gym and trying to fit in with a lot of fit people in Lycra made me feel really intimidated.

I recently joined the Marriot in Gosforth Park, to begin swimming regularly and they put me in touch with Samantha. She teaches their Yoga class on a Wednesday.  I knew as soon as I contacted Samantha that she ‘got’ where I was coming from. I arranged a private 1:1 class at my house. I was quite worried, as it had been so long since I’d done anything like this. However, when we met, I was immediately put at ease. Samantha listened and watched receptively and continually adapted her approach in response to how I (and my body) reacted.

It was immediately obvious that Samantha has a wealth of experience working with people with complex health issues. She clearly sees yoga as so much more than a series of poses to be mastered. She encouraged me not to push my body, which was refreshing as I am hypermobile and other teachers have not understood that this leads to a huge amount of pain – they typically urge me to try to do more and more due to my flexibility.

With Samantha I was pleased to concentrate on breathing and relaxation: techniques that I can use to achieve ‘constructive rest’ – as I have chronic fatigue this is incredibly liberating. I’ve not slept so well in years! I told my friends after my first lesson that I’d never had an ‘exercise’ session like it – I was even wrapped up in a blanket … Samantha encouraged me to add a hot water bottle, if it felt right!

I particularly liked that I was encouraged to comment on what worked and what I found difficult throughout, in order to develop a regular program to build into my day-to-day life.

We wrote notes together at the end of the session, to begin to build up a little toolkit of things that I found helpful. I can now take my notebook with me if I am away from home or have a look to refresh my ideas if I am struggling with something.

I now feel ready to join the class I was so worried about. I have signed up for an additional series of 10 lessons at Gateshead Old Town Hall too, I am confident that I’ve found just the right teacher for me.

If you are worried about the financial side of things I’d like to reassure you that, despite the exceptional knowledge Samantha offers, she offers incredibly affordable sessions. She makes allowances for concessions in her block-bookings and her 1:1 lessons are, comparatively, great value. Also, I see any money spent as an investment in my health and wellbeing.

Overall I am very happy to have begun to explore yoga again with Samantha. It is so worth it, don’t hesitate to make this change and discover or rediscover yoga in a way that works for you.”

Cat Hudson


1 thought on “Private Yoga

  1. I have never done yoga before but am very eager to try it out. There seems to be a lot of different kinds/forms of yoga but don’t know which would be best suited to my needs. I am reasonably fit (I work as a freelance fitness instructor) but would like to gain flexibility, strength and definition/tone through yoga. I would also like to do this in the form of ‘one to one’ sessions. Please help/advise.


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