Yoga Classes, Workshops and Retreats in Gateshead Quays and Newcastle – please book and feel glad you did!

If you are pondering – now what do I want for Christmas that is both wholesome and enjoyable – look no further!!!
I can offer you: very special Workshops, Private one to one yoga sessions, yoga retreats and a block of 10 classes
Semibreve Yoga Workshop on 11th December 2019 6.45-8.45pm at St Mary’s Heritage Centre (next door to the sage and the Tyne Bridge)- yoga, meditation, classical piano, improvised piano and based goods! Whats not to like! with me and Annie Ball
New Year Yoga Workshop 28th December 10-12 midday (venue to be confirmed probably Jesmond Dene again)
All workshops are £25 per person – book early to snaffle your place
A block of Classes at St Mary’s
Classes run from January 15th until March 25th £85 for 10 classes and I need you to please buy a block of 10 in advance so I can pay our rent in this stunning location !!!
Private Yoga Sessions in your own home
£40 for 1 hour 15mins for 1 person £50 fro 2 people 1 hour 15mins vouchers available 
Retreats with me in 2020
April 24th-26th 2020
September 25th-27th
Email to book and snaffle your places …… vouchers are available if they are gifts 
Happy end of November folks …. This Wednesday classes are our last before Christmas at St Mary’s other than the Semibreve, so do come and join us even if we haven’t seen you all term! 

Ever been to yoga and a lying down concert?! – now is your chance tomorrow at St Mary’s Heritage Centre

We look forward to welcoming you to our special event tomorrow evening

at St Mary’s Heritage Centre NE8 2AU, combining our love of engaging, live, personally communicated beautiful music; grounding, expanding yoga and being able to truly switch off and relax and listen.  

St Mary’s Heritage Centre



Newcastle upon Tyne
NE8 2AU  

We look forward to sharing the evening with you. 

Annie will be playing:

A Chopin Nocturne 

Island Spell by John Ireland

D’un Jardin Claire by Lilli Boulanger

Gymnopodie Number 3 by satie 

Le Coucou au fond des bois by Saints-saëns

Our timings, so you know what to expect   ….
6.45 onwards arrival
6.45 tisane
7.00 welcome from Samantha and Annie
7.15 meditation followed by gentle yoga with Sam to live piano improvisation from Annie
8.20 lying down concert
8.45 post concert tea and integration – reflecting, integrating, milling, being
9.00 close
This is a very gentle and relaxing event and very suitable for people new to yoga and yoga pros alike.  You float out feeling superb. Get in touch if you would like to give it a try. Tickets £25

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Yoga in Newcastle and Gateshead – it is time to book your place on the New Term at St Mary’s Heritage Centre

New Block of delish Yoga Classes with Samantha Coe – yoga for yoga professionals and newbies alike. Wednesdays 2pm and 6.45pm.

9 week yoga classes starting May 1st 2019 time to book your place St Mary’s Heritage Centre, next to the Tyne Bridge and the Sage.

Practicing yoga regularly is so good for you……Research shows that people who engage in hobbies such as yoga and breath work recover quicker from infection. Laughter therapy balances the immune system and supports our  NK cells.

2pm -3.15pm at St Mary’s Heritage Centre (9 week course Wednesday afternoons starting May 1st no class half term 29th May) £67.50 (concession £58.50)

6.45pm – 8.15pm at St Mary’s Heritage Centre (9 week course Wednesday evenings starting May 1st no class half term 29th May) £67.50 (concession £58.50)

Email me to book on this block, private yoga, workplace yoga, retreats and workshops.

Benefits for you: the most beautiful peaceful large space, easy free parking, heated floor, great teacher ….

Also ….

Who is coming to the yoga with live concert pianist workshop April 3rd 6.45pm – 8.45pm – 6 places remaining.




Management Development Programmes

If you know me well, you will know I also run management development and training programmes.
This is from a special course last week for a housing charity:

How can I help you today?

As one of the group learns by writing, we did a flip chart and you may want to see what we covered:
How can I help you today?
Increasing my confidence
Increasing my self esteem
Techniques to help with Sleep Deprivation
Releasing work tension
Calming when I’m feeling over wired
Dealing with Negativity
Techniques to stop the worrying mind
Ways of helping with isolation and depression
Techniques to help me get in the Zone

There are many ways to change your state:

The self care and mindful techniques we explored and tried out included:
A breath calming exercise – called the breath sun salute, – great before bed and when looking at something beautiful
Shoulder glass elevator – can be done several times a day and we thought this might be good before a tricky meeting and after it!
Wonder woman stance – for power
Open body position  – interviews, meetings, just greeting life with a yes, to help depression
Going for a walk and counting the chimneys – looking up helps see a way forward and calms the system down
Breathing out on the long full out breaths and adding a pause before breathing in – calming
Back breathing  – calming
Square breathing – 4 4 4 4 count – calming
Belly breathing  -also calming
Guided relaxation – sleep deprivation and over tired and wired
Envisaging power animals in your belly – eg a tiger – confidence
Warrior one pose – confidence
Positive self talk for 24hours – exercise to be gentler to yourself and then to subsequently  increase your confidence
Get in touch if you would like a session designed for your organisation.  Team building, ways to shift state, mindfulness and relaxercise study days.

Additional Yoga Class in Gosforth tonight 11th December 2018

Need a pick me up! Extra yoga class tonight – you might be feeling like you could do with it.  Feel free to come along as a drop – in.   I am covering Alan Ross’s lovely yoga class at Trinity Methodist Church tonight at 6.30-8pm.  Relax and release any built up tension, reconnect to your fluidity.

Remember to book your place for St Mary’s, we start back 10th January.

New Year Yoga Workshop Saturday 6th of January 10.00 – 12 midday.  Contact me to book your place £18.

If you are looking for a yoga Christmas present – how about a private yoga class (vouchers provided) or the yoga retreats at Minsteracres March 9th-11th 2018 and September 28-30th 2018 which are always incredibly special weekends.





Welcome Back to your Yoga and Yourself – ah time for some peace

And breathe!

Half term is done and yoga is on again at St Mary’s this week March 1st 2pm- 3.15pm and 6.45- 8.15pm.  (I will start yoga at Maggie’s Newcastle March 7th 12.30-1.30 and the Marriott next week ie March 8th 11am). Any help with lifts for me – greatly received!

I had my operation to remove the big metal rod in my leg last week and I am relieved the week over. I am not greatly mobile yet but I have had joy and a laugh making it to my yoga mat twice so far! About to go there for practice number 3. I am making like a 1970s spider man stunt man.  

The dog cheers me on every step I make on my crutches.

Gillian is teaching this week at St Mary’s for me as your guest teacher of honour.  Give her help and kindness as she won’t know the building.

I hope to make it to a class tomorrow and show you all the pillow post op version of yoga.  If you can breathe, you can adapt and always do your yoga – just make it a personal practice.  I again thank goodness for the healing power of yoga.  It is such a great way to help your body recover and strengthen and your worry ease.  Physio is super and is so much more interesting eased into a gentle yoga practice. My yoga has helped me so much through this last year.  I hope you all feel the same way.

See if you can remember your mats, as I doubt I will be carrying for you this week or next! Dona may stick a few spares into her car. Thanks  Dona for the lift tomorrow!

Looking forward to seeing you all and leaving my home based yoga nest.

Om Shanti


Lift share, kit and feedback …

Anyone hear snoring ?  ….. wasn’t me! Honest. Although on that heated floor with the beautiful ceiling and cosseting it could easily have been any of us.

Isn’t yoga at St Mary’s Heritage Centre so blissful, peaceful and restful?

Classes are at 2pm – 3.15pm and 6.45pm – 8.15pm

St Mary’s Heritage Centre, Oakwellgate, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 2A between the Sage Gateshead and The Tyne Bridge.

There is an honesty box tea trolley and time to arrive and ask me questions before each class. 

Welcome to all our new people and a delightful re-connect with our regular practitioners. Great to see you.

Remember this class is for you.  Just as you are.  Do let me know if you have any special needs, requests, injuries or changes you would appreciate seeing. Do reflect on why you do your yoga and them I can assist you to achieve what you are hoping for.

Some thoughts to help our yoga classes along….

1) Do consider lift sharing with your yoga buddies.  Anyone wanting to offer a lift can let me know and I will see if I can connect you.  

2) If you came as a drop -in and now wish to switch to the block, do get in touch to pay electronically or bring the cash or cheque next week please.

3) St Mary’s is a beautiful venue that of course costs me a lot to hire.  So I do need larger numbers to make it possible than when we were at Gateshead Old Town Hall.  Do spread the word.  

4) I am still getting to know you all.  If you are on the edges and what more of my attention do come nearer to me and swop positions about. I will walk around but I don’t want to make people always wonder where I am!

5) Do consider one or a few private yoga classes with me.  These are real investment and treat for your body and mind.  You can have a 1 2 1 or share with you pals.  That way I can check your individual needs and help you to move from the inside out, to work with your alignment and posture. Yoga is a lifetime practice, so we all have new things to learn and experience no matter how seasoned a practitioner we are.

4) Kit – you need a blanket, a couple of blocks, an eyebag if you like them and a mat of course.  Please bring your own kit if you can as thats easier than me carrying everyones.  However anyone cycling gets to certainly borrow my kit and brownie points for being green! I will always have a few spare if you ware coming straight fro work etc

5) Practice at home – 5 mins is enough you know. Home practice doesn’t have to be an hour and half.  Start small.

6) Consider coming on a yoga retreat with me. They give you a chance to nurture yourself, away from life’s demands. I have a retreat in March 31st-2nd April, September 22nd-24th and November 10-12th.

Self care is really important.  Sometimes the gentle yoga practices are so more powerful than you think.

Breathe well, rest well, move well and see you all on Wednesday.