Our yoga and French Romantic music lying down concert in the sunlight – Semibreve Yoga

Thank you all so much for coming yesterday. Annie your playing is caressing and brings a tear to my eye (in a very positive way, so moving).  How special to really relax and really slow down to listen.   

Now you are experts…. some of you have even been to all 3 and many to 2 of our semibreve yoga workshops; would you PLEASE kindly write back to us to tell us of your experience, in a way that we can explain to others who haven’t been what its all about.

We would also love any of your feedback about what you like, what we can change, what music you might like to hear – anything at all. Gratefully received.
Last year I worked on a project with Hugh FW and Jo Murphy.  Talking of feedback have you seen his latest programme on trying to tackle single use plastics? Its on iplayer, highly recommended – have you seen it?  They are running a campaign to try to influence the supermarkets. Check it out.  You write your feedback on the plastic and take it in to the supermarket.  Even Joanna Lumley has done it…. I have too.  Its a good time to influence if you want to join in.
So thank you everyone for a wonderful evening shared, for your feedback and help to spread the word and hope to see you at the next Semibreve Yoga.  Annie we love you!

Please feel free to come to the final summer class at St Mary’s next week 2pm and 6.45pm and people are booking for our next block that starts after the summer on September 18th at St Mary’s Heritage Centre.  I will be teaching at the Grand Hotel over the summer and at the Maggie’s Centre and running workshops – look out for postings.